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Stillpoint Aromatics Standards
When it comes to standards, our “standard” is to go way above and beyond. This can be seen in every aspect of my business, from the distillers we choose to work with to the lengths we go to maintain the quality and integrity of the oils and in our customer service and the creation and instruction of classes and workshops.

When sourcing our essential oils, we seek out small independent farmers who grow and distill their own plant material. We only purchase oils that are certified organic and are wildcrafted or wild-harvested. We offer GCMS reports for all our oils from our beloved chemists. Our oils are ethically harvested and ethically priced and are cruelty-free. (No animal testing… EVER).

Even more importantly, we only source oils that are of the highest vibrations. Two oils may be chemically identical, but oils that have been distilled with care, attention, and intention have a higher energetic frequency that will be immediately noticed as soon as you open the bottle. This is one of the reasons we were voted best oils three years in a row.

Each oil that arrives at our store is vibrationally cleared, decanted in ceremony (with sacred music), stored in amber glass bottles capped with nitrogen, and refrigerated until the time that it is hand poured with conscious intention and love for the customer who has ordered it. None of the oils are pre-poured, and there is no machine pouring in my shop. Each oil is hand poured with conscious intention, especially for you upon receiving your order. All of this care, in addition to our love, appreciation, and connection to the plants and trees, results in essential oils that are as magical, fresh, vibrant, and alive as the day they were distilled.

While the selection and care of our essential oils and other products illustrate how our norm is to go above and beyond, it is in our customer service where this is seen most obviously. We treat you exactly how we want to be treated… and that is with love, respect, patience, honesty, and fairness. Many of our customers have the cell number of our owner or one of our team members, and it is not uncommon to receive a quick response to a text, email, or call, sometimes outside of store hours and on the weekends, from one of us. We take your questions and concerns seriously and always do our best to provide knowledge and accurate information and get products to you as quickly as humanly possible.

Virginia Joy, aka Joy, via The School at Stillpoint, teaches a plethora of courses that are considered among the best in the industry. Whether you are new to essential oils, are a Seasoned Certified Aromatherapist, a medical professional, or somewhere in between, my courses are a perfect fit. I meet you where you are and challenge you to expand your essential oil knowledge and usage.

• Stillpoint is an approved NAHA School for continuing ED
• Business and Professional Member of AIA (school renewal - pending)
• Professional Member of the American Botanical Council
• Partner in Education of the United Plant Savers Organization
• Member of the IFA
• Member of the AIRMID Institute
• Free Soul Certified

From the selection of all our products that we offer to you, to the hand pouring, packing, and shipping of orders, to the classes and consultations that are offered…at every step, we do our very best to go above and beyond industry standards.

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