Spotlight Class
Applied Kinesiology: Harnessing Essential Oils and Pendulum Power

3 hour class recorded live - March 28, 2024

This spotlight class is a guaranteed game changer. Whether you blend by chemistry, research or intuition, formulating using the knowledge of your or your clients electrical system and resonance will be positively transformative. That is a promise.

Discover the powerful connection between essential oils, your body's energy system, and the intuitive art of energy testing and pendulum. This hands-on workshop explores how to use applied aromatic kinesiology to select the most beneficial oils, create personalized blends, clear energy for optimal well-being, and determine the optimal "prescription" for application.

Introduction to Applied Kinesiology

*  Understanding our body's electrical system and its relationship to energy flow
*  The principles of muscle testing and how it relates to essential oils

Pendulum Basics

*  How to choose and cleanse your pendulum
*  Establishing "yes" and "no" responses
*  Techniques for accurate pendulum readings

Oil Selection and Blending

*  Muscle testing to identify beneficial oils (bring a variety of oils)
*  Pendulum dowsing to determine ideal blends and ratios
*  Testing for impact, agreement, and priority (how the body responds to oil choices)
*  Testing to see the level of benefit to the system

Energy Clearing and Sacred Space

*  Simple techniques to clear your energy field before testing
*  Using essential oils and intention to create a sacred testing space

Hands-On Practice (throughout the workshop)

*  Guided practice with muscle testing techniques
*  Pendulum practice for oil selection and blending
*  Partner exercises for testing and energy clearing

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A basic selection of essential oils and a pendulum or tea bag. Essential oils 
may be purchased at




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This class is 3 hours of engaging, impactful learning.

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A basic selection of essential oils and a pendulum or tea bag. Essential oils may be purchased at

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