Spotlight Class
Embracing the Mystery: Mystical Depression, Essential Oils,
and Energy Medicine

Recorded live July and August 2023
Four Part Spotlight Class: Embracing the Mystery: Mystical Depression with Essential Oils and Energy

Step into a realm of healing and self-discovery with our immersive course on mystical depression, essential oils, and energy medicine. 

Crafted with warmth and understanding, this journey will help you explore mystical depression—an intense emotional experience often tied to profound spiritual shifts—and find solace through the power of nature's medicine and the balance of energy medicine.

Class Journey:
Part 1: Understanding Mystical Depression - A Journey into the Soul
  • We open our hearts and minds to the enigma of mystical depression, a deep-seated sadness intertwined with spiritual transition. We'll hold your hand as we navigate the signs, root causes, and emotional landscape of this profound experience. In this shared journey, we'll find strength and wisdom within these challenging moments.
Part 2: Essential Oils  - Nature's Loving Embrace
  • As we venture into the world of essential oils, we'll feel their therapeutic qualities wrap us in a cocoon of tranquility.
  • We'll uncover how these aromatic elixirs, drawn from the heart of nature, can uplift our spirits, soothe anxiety, and infuse our lives with serenity.
  • We will look at the plant parts, extraction methods and chemistry 
Part 3: Energy Medicine - The Dance of Inner Forces 
  • We'll delve into the rhythm of our bodies, the energy that shapes our health and emotions.
  • We'll learn the basic tenets of energy medicine
  • We will look to the chakra system and also meridians that are most affected when mystical depression is present.
Part 4: Weaving Healing Paths - Essential Oils and Energy Medicine for Mystical Depression
  • We'll weave together the threads of understanding, integration, essential oils, and energy medicine to create a healing tapestry for the psyche
  • We'll explore how these practices, hand in hand, can guide us through the labyrinth of our emotions, towards a sanctuary of stability and comfort.
  • We will discuss different blending techniques and formulations.
At the end of this journey, you'll emerge with a profound understanding of mystical depression and a holistic toolbox to navigate its waves. Join us as we step into the labyrinth of our emotions and find our path to healing and self-understanding.

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Although no supplies are "required" for this class, it is recommended that you have some essential oils on hand to experiment with.  That being said, you may wish to wait until you preview the materials to decide which oils call out to you.  Oils may be purchased at




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