Spotlight Class
The Art and Science of Blending

3 hour class recorded live February 28, 2023
There are so so so so so so so so many ways in which we can formulate and blend. Do not be limited by Essential Oil "recipes" in books or on the internet or by blending by "what you think the oil is for". Learn how to formulate and blend with confidence and purpose.

n this spotlight class, we dive into different ways and intentions to blend. This was an interactive class, so have your oils handy.

We spend 3 hours together, formulating, sharing, and exchanging the formulations we create.

We will talk about:
  • Blending for Physical and Emotional Pain
  • How to bring the Sacred into your Blending
    Different ways to approach a blend for the same condition
    Best application methods for different conditions
    Intuitive Blending

his will be fun you guys! 

Break free from the constraints of traditional blending techniques (even though they are wonderful) and jump down this rabbit hole with me.
Bella and I hope you will join us in the Art and Science of Blending

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Although no supplies are "required" for this class, it is recommended that you have some essential oils on hand to experiment with.  That being said, you may wish to wait until you preview the materials to decide which oils call out to you.  Oils may be purchased at



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This class is 3 hours.

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