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Unleashing the Power of Nature: Butters, Clays, and Carrier Oils

3 hour class recorded live - February 29, 2024
Brace yourselves for a no-nonsense, deep dive into awesome carriers. My upcoming class is an intensive exploration of natural butters, clays, and carrier oils, designed for those who are serious about elevating their natural wellness game.

Unpacking the Ingredients:
Beyond the Basics: We're delving into the heart of what makes these natural ingredients a cut above the rest. From exotic butters to transformative clays and versatile oils, get ready for an honest, in-depth look.

The Therapeutics - Understanding the Benefits:
Health and Wellness Focus: Discover the true potential of these natural wonders in promoting physical well-being. We’ll dissect their properties, uses, and real-world applications for skin health and beyond.
Hands-On Blending Techniques: This isn't just theory. It's about getting your hands dirty (figuratively) and learning to create potent, effective blends.

The Energetics - Feeling the Impact:
Energetic Connections: Explore the less-talked-about aspect of natural ingredients – their energetic and vibrational qualities. Understand how they interact with the body and mind for holistic wellness.
Blending with Purpose: It’s not just mixing; it’s crafting wellness experiences. Learn to blend for mood, energy, and emotional balance.

Who’s This Class For?:
  • If you’re seeking depth and substance over fluff.
  • If you’re all about results, both seen and felt.
  • If you’re ready to harness the real power of nature in your wellness routine.
  • Got a curious mind? Check.
  • Tired of the same old beauty blah? Check.
  • Ready to play chemist with nature’s best? Double check.

Secure Your Spot:
This isn't your average stroll through nature's garden. It's a journey into the depths of what natural ingredients can really do. Join a community keen on discovering the true essence of natural wellness.

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Are there any required supplies?

Although no supplies are "required" for this class, it is recommended that you have some essential oils on hand to experiment with.  That being said, you may wish to wait until you preview the materials to decide which oils call out to you.  Oils may be purchased at




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This class is 3 hours of engaging, impactful learning.

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