Spotlight Class
Antiviral and Antibacterial Oils and
Formulations for Cold and Flu

3 hour class recorded live November 22, 2021
Cold and Flu season is upon us. And C*vd is still with us.

In this Master Class we will discuss oils and other natural remedies to assist us through Colds and Flu and C*v*d. So, let's dive in and explore the oils, the applications and the formulations that may help us with staying healthy and safe during the Winter season ( Well actually, all year long).

Learn the chemistry and energetics behind many of the antiviral and antibacterial essential oils and hydrosols such Benchmark thyme, Inula, Khella, Clove, Monarda and many many more.

It is so important to remember that an essential oil contains many chemical components which makes the oil of aromatic therapeutic and medicinal value. 
Know the chemistry and you will know the oil.

 Essential oils work in many ways but the key to the therapeutic value and safety of an essential oil is held in the chemistry of an essential oil.

Many essential oils can be used for common physical respiratory ailments both topically and internally. When used with knowledge, in a controlled and 
safe way, we can care for ourselves and take our power back.

In this Master Class, we discussed:
  • The Science behind the different chemical families and their effects on the respiratory and immune system
  • Specific oils and formulations for Respiratory Conditions
  • Specific hydrosols that assist with Cold sand Flu
  • The energetics and applications and why the energetics matter
  • The safety issues and contraindications of the essential oils discussed
  • The chemical components that are the major players in antiviral and anti bacterial oils
  • Blends and formulation for each oil discussed
  • Other natural remedies that work synergistically with oil

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