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Hydrosols and Aromatic Water

3 hour class recorded July 29, 2021

Many of you may not know this but I am a Distiller as well as a Teacher of Aromatherapy and Metaphysics, Clinically Certified Aromatherapist, owner of Stillpoint Aromatics, and Grief and Trauma Counselor. I have been distilling Native Plants to the Sedona region for years, teach The Stillpoint Harvest and Distillation Experience, a fantastic distillation workshop, and just love the alchemy and magic that happens in the still.

Hydrosols..... What are they? How do I use them? I never heard of them are frequent comments that I hear. Hydrosols are so undervalued and overlooked in aromatherapy!! They are powerful therapeutic and energetic allies.

In this three hour class we will:
• Discuss over 15 hydrosols and their applications including internal usage and energetics.
• How they affect the energetic body.
• How to use hydrosols with pets.
• Discover what they are exactly.
• How they are made (extracted).
• The importance of knowing where your hydrosols are coming from.
• The proper way to distill for hydrosols.
• How to integrate them into your formulations.
• Why all hydrosols are not the same.
• Of course, have lots of discussion.

Join me and learn all about hydrosols!

 Break free from the constraints of traditional use of hydrosols and jump down this rabbit hole with me.

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Although no supplies are "required" for this class, it is recommended that you have some essential oils on hand to experiment with.  That being said, you may wish to wait until you preview the materials to decide which oils call out to you.  Oils may be purchased at



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This class is 3 hours.

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