Aromatic and Energetic Satsang

Class begins May 7, 2023
Satsang is a Sanskrit term derived from two roots: sat, meaning “true’” and sangha meaning community, company, or association. It can be translated as "associating with good people" or simply "being in the company of truth" and refers to gathering with like-minded, uplifting people, especially those on a spiritual path (yogapedia).

Satsang at Stillpoint is a 12 month experience
.  It is not a traditional class, course or program - it is an experience - an unfoldment. 

What you will learn is all about you. It will be personal, expansive and I guarantee you will grow immensely. 

We will meet once a month (
for 1.5 - 2 hours) the First Sunday of the month (unless it is a Holiday) at 11 AM Arizona time and explore. (Class will be taped and recorded, so you do not even have to be present to attend) - Begins May 7th

There are no set learning objectives as in a traditional class or course... except to be open and to integrate, we will have a structure that we move through each gathering.

Each Month We will Explore:
  • The energies of that particular month
  • The essential oil for the month including therapeutics, energetics, folklore and relationship to the Doctrine of Signatures
  • Applications of that oil for the physical body
  • Applications of that oil for the energetic bodies
  • Practices and Rituals
  • Energy Medicine Techniques
  • How to strengthen and balance our meridians
  • Energy disruption and blockages of the month
The reason there is a month between gatherings is so that you can practice during the month and truly integrate the concepts instead of only intellectual learning.

This class goes hand in hand with:

  • Energetic and Esoteric Aromatherapy (New Course)
  • Mystery School (Completely Revised)
  • Ten Lessons - A Journey   (Awesome)

How can I access my course materials?
You will receive an email from with your login information.

How long will I have access?

You will have lifetime access.

Is this course eligible for certification?

No.  You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of class.

Are there any required supplies?

Although no supplies are "required" for this class, it is recommended that you have some essential oils on hand to experiment with.  That being said, you may wish to wait until you preview the materials to decide which oils call out to you.  Oils may be purchased at

$497 for the 12-month experience. 


The program began May 7, 2023 and is a 12-month experience.  If you purchase now, you will have access to all recordings and handouts from previous sessions.

We meet once per month on the 1st Sunday.  


11:00 AM MST/Arizona Time - Convert to your time zone at

This class is  1.5 to 2 hours.

Virtual via Zoom.  This course is hosted on

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