Spotlight Class
Introduction to Wholistic Aromatherapy

3.5 hour class recorded July 20, 2022

Wholistic Aromatherapy....Exactly What is This?

It is hard to put into words the definition of Wholistic Aromatherapy.  It is more a way of looking at and the applications aromatherapy, conditions both physical or emotional, essential oils, and botanicals in their totality and finding resonance and balance.

I have noticed in the last few
years the focus of Aromatherapy has been leaning towards the medicinal side, which is great and not so great. A lot of emphasis on the separate components, therapeutic actions, chemical families and on recipes and blends.  Sadly, we are missing the boat completely! That is a reductionist way of using essential oils and the medicine and power the plants and trees share with us.  It seems that what we have done is "allopathicize" essential oils and now many are using essential oils in replacement of medicines, focusing on only therapeutic actions for either emotional or physical issues or both.  Knowing the chemistry and therapeutics is of utmost importance but that is just the beginning sort of like standing up in the crib holding on to the bars.  We have not even entered the kiddie pool if we are utilizing essential oils only in this manner.  Its time to jump into the ocean and explore! 

The Science and Art of Aromatherapy is so much more - Hence my new term, Wholistic Aromatherapy

Join me in my Introductory Spotlight Course and begin to learn how to utilize Essential Oils and Extracts to maximize their healing power for your body, mind and spirit.

Learn the basics

  • ten foundational essential oils and their applications in wholisti aromatherapy
  • the interwoven connection between the physical and the emotional bodies - without this complete healing is NOT possible
  • techniques integrating mind/body healing
  • how to look at a "condition" and unravel the energetic causes 
  • how to find the blueprint of an essential oil that is way beyond it's chemistry
  • the basic  energetic principles of the chemical families
Bella and I hope you will join us for this one!

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This class is 3.5 hours.

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